New Statesman Competition No. 4415 by the Catcheside Kid
“Poetry continues to rendezvous with politics,” Haley Stewart wrote in Litro. Let’s have a famous political speech as a sonnet (or a famous sonnet as a political speech).

Little Note

Four score and seven years ago
(That's eighty-seven. Did you guess?)
Our foredads birthed a nation so
We'd all be equal—more or less.
We're now engaged in civil war
To test if it can long endure.
We always thought it would, before;
Just lately, though, we're not so sure.
We dedicate this field today.
It's fitting, too, that we should do it,
Though, looked at in another way,
The dead guys sort of beat us to it.
The world could never, if it tried,
Forget what those guys did. They died.