What You Will

a Shakespearean travesty

by Max Gutmann and William Shakespeare

ATTENDANT: It is a tale told by an idiot.

When Antonio returns from a successful diplomatic mission with a signed treaty and a new French bride, little does he suspect how quickly his happy life is about to fall apart. Can he set things right in time to save his marriage and prevent civil war? Kidnapping, cross-dressing, and flirtation combine in this madcap Shakespearean travesty, written by rearranging thousands of snippets cut from the plays of William Shakespeare.

You don't need to know any Shakespeare to enjoy this boisterous romp!

man in a woman's wig with a surprised expression on his face
Kevin Hammond (The Duke, back to the camera) and Mark Vashro (Antonio). Photo by Pear Theatre. (Used by permission.)

Pear Theatre

The Pear Theatre's production of What You Will. Photos by Pear Theatre. (Used by permission.)