JOY: I can't even do my suicide note right.
Gravity and Other Downers: five linked comedies
This evening of linked plays can be performed by three versatile actresses, each playing a variety of characters and ages, from rebellious teens to not-so-settled octogenarians (and one of them playing a man). Alternately, as many as seventeen performers can participate.

“Lights on the Water”
A stolen office key provides the perfect place to hide away for three teens with different approaches to life.

“Shirley's Chair”
Three elderly friends find that bridge can be a difficult game after your fourth has passed away.

“Shirley's Chair” was first presented by the Pear Theatre. Images from the Pear Theatre production.
"Gravity and Other Downers"
What can you do when your dearest wish is to die, but you don't have the courage to kill yourself? Joy thinks she has a solution: blackmail. She lures Helen, her former best friend, to what should be an unoccupied office, convinced that when Helen learns what Joy knows about her, she will be able to force Helen to kill her. Helen's reluctance is only one of the obstacles Joy's plan runs into, but Joy is determined.

Will Helen help her die? Will she, instead, help Joy find the will to live? Whatever the outcome, neither of them will ever be the same.

“The Proposal”
Brooke learns of her boyfriend's elaborate plan to propose and decides he's the wrong man for her.

"The Proposal" was first presented at Simpson College.

“Of Trash and Tiffany”
When Holly and her new girlfriend Brittany, to retrieve a keepsake, break into the apartment of Holly's ex, what they find is not what Brittany expected.

“Of Trash and Tiffany” was first presented by the Pear TheatreImages from the Pear Theatre production.