Of Vienna

I wish people would stop saying "Da Vinci" when they want to refer to Leonardo. It is like saying "Of Vienna" if they want to refer to Sigmund Freud.     --Rudolph Arnheim, in Salmagundi

Of Hannibal invented Huck
  and took us where he rambled.
Of Malaga made paintings with
  the people's faces scrambled.
Of Bern said, "E is MC squared."
  (I'm not sure what he meant.)
Of Plains worked hard and grew to be 
  a great ex-president.
Despite his nine grand symphonies,
  Of Bonn saw life as dark.
(The light bulb was invented later
  by Of Menlo Park.)
Morality Greek hero, sly
  Of Ithaca was vague in,
Unlike great fairy taler
  Of Not Far From Copenhagen.
Of Corsica ruled Europe, but 
  was torn by inner tensions,
His life a tragedy of
  Of Stratfordian dimensions;
Depressed in exile, he would hum
  Of Salzburg's Requiem,
Or, thinking of his downfall, mutter
  "Oh, Of Bethlehem!"

first published in Orbis